Are you the owner or manager of a restaurant/bar? Would you like to start a collaboration with us and receive the benefits?

By clicking the link below you will contact our Commercial Director, which he will provide personally Advice for all your types of questions as well as the Presentation of the List.


Since we get one from our land Limited edition for some of the Wines we will provide Area exclusives.
By selecting simply the companies with which you can collaborate and establish a relationship Long-lasting over Time in every area in which we are let's expand!

finds answers to Frequently Asked Questions asked by customers

"Pleasure! My name is Elia, by contacting me you will be able to receive detailed information on the world of Podere la Botta!"

Can I receive a Price List?

Certainly! Once you get in touch with our Commercial Director, you can request the Price list after a short presentation of your company.

Do you have shipping guarantees?

We deliver personally within 50km from our headquarters.
Shipping beyond 50km can still be agreed with the Consultant who will follow you.

Why choose Podere la Botta

Every day we find ourselves faced with choices, but I assure you that the Podere la Botta family is unique!

Tradition transmitted for over 3 generations defines quality and humanity, the two great foundations behind the entire wine project

Can I have Exclusives for myself?

For some of our wines we will guarantee theArea exclusivity, carefully selecting the venue with which to collaborate in a long-lasting relationship.