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“ A Secular Vineyard that Continues to Amaze "

The history of the farm dates back to 1886 when the land began to be used for the grafting of our current vines.

Although during the history of the place there have been many changes in crops and types of cultivation,
We have managed to keep the ancient rows intact and perfectly productive, only recently implementing our varieties.

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“You will be able to taste the flavors and aromas of our grapes"

It is true that the visit to the cellar is open to anyone, but if you want to enjoy a unique experience all for yourself..
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  • "From the selection of the best flours of a local mill..."

  • "Here's to Andrea's Homemade Smoking Dunks!"

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  • Crono62 - Orange Wine 2022 - Podere La Botta

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    Discover all the wines produced in very limited editions!

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  • Ancient lands carried forward by generations

    See up close all our land spread over 3 hectares in Capraia and Limite, below Montalbano..

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  • Box "Tradizione a Tavola" - Podere La Botta

    Box 2024 - Limited Edition

    Make the moment unique with a gift suitable for any wine enthusiast!

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    New wines coming soon

    Do you want to discover and purchase 2 truly special and exclusive new wines in preview?

    This time we wanted to dare both with creativity and with particularities..

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